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NCNC New Year 2071
NCNC New Year 2071
NCNC New Year 2071
NCNC New Year 2071
NCNC New Year 2071
NCNC New Year 2071
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Dear Community Members:
Dashain is fast approaching and we will be holding sand volleyball tournament this year as well. Our goal is to include as many people as possible. Therefore most of the games of the tournament will be played during the weekend. However we may play some games in the weekdays if needed to adjust and accommodate.
Teams are hereby asked to register based on following information:
1. Dashain Volleyball tournament will start in First week of September 2014.
2. The games will be played in the area sand volleyball courts.
3. Each team will have 5 active players (playing) and 2 reserve players (max 7). However for Ladies' team, it may be flexible.
4. A player cannot play in more than one team.
5. Teams should be formally registered by team captain sending name of the team, name of the players and registration fees of $35/team to NCNC before registration deadline.
6. We encourage to form highly localized teams to maximize the number of teams and increased participation of individual players.
7. The actual tournament schedule will be announced (holding captains' meeting) after registration deadline.
8. More about the tournament will be announced as and when appropriate.
Team registration deadline is Sunday, August 31, 2014 and has to be submitted via email to ncnc@ncnepal.org or ncnc1999@yahoogroups.com or Balkrishna Upadhaya: krishnacary@gmail.com
Thank You,
Balkrishna Upadhaya
Sports Coordinator, NCNC

Dashain 2071 Celebration

Dear Community Members:
We are planning to celebrate this year’s Dashian/Tihar Festivals on October 11th. Please stay tuned for further details.

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Dear NCNC Members,
We have set up a new email system using our own domain name.
Currently, we are using new email address "ncnc@ncnepal.org" for email communication, so, please add this email address to your contact list.
Please check your junk or spam folder and "unjunk" or "unspam" the email received from the new address or simply add ncnc@ncnepal.org to your contact list.
* NOTE: We will be using both ncnc1999@yahoogroups.com and ncnc@ncnepal.org until all members in the current mailing list subscription is completed. Some of you will be receiving same email from two different addresses. If you are unable to receive emails from ncnc@ncnepal.org, please let us know.
Thank you!