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NCNC Adopt A Highway 2014
NCNC Spring Daze 2014
NCNC New Year 2071
NCNC New Year 2071
NCNC New Year 2071
NCNC New Year 2071
NCNC New Year 2071
NCNC New Year 2071
NCNC New Year 2071
Nepali School Picnic 2014

Dashain 2071 Celebration

Dear Community Members:
We are planning to celebrate this year’s Dashain/Tihar Festivals on October 11th. Please stay tuned for further details.

Update your Email Contacts:
Add ncnc@ncnepal.org to the list

Dear NCNC Members,
We have set up a new email system using our own domain name.
Currently, we are using new email address "ncnc@ncnepal.org" for email communication, so, please add this email address to your contact list.
Please check your junk or spam folder and "unjunk" or "unspam" the email received from the new address or simply add ncnc@ncnepal.org to your contact list.
* NOTE: We will be using both ncnc1999@yahoogroups.com and ncnc@ncnepal.org until all members in the current mailing list subscription is completed. Some of you will be receiving same email from two different addresses. If you are unable to receive emails from ncnc@ncnepal.org, please let us know.
Thank you!

NCNC is Participating in International Festival September 19-21

As in the past several years, NCNC is participating in INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL this year too with several activities (Side walk café, Cultural exhibit, main stage performance etc.) This event is held in fall of every year in Raleigh Convention Center (500 South Salisbury St, Raleigh, NC 27601) and this year's festival is around the corner. This is a wonderful opportunity to raise some funds for the community, and to introduce our rich Nepali culture, tradition and heritage to the entire world. This is one of the biggest fund raising opportunity and we need your help.
In this regard, we would like to sincerely request all the community members to extend your helping hands to make our participation a grand success. This program is totally run by volunteers and we need several dedicated volunteers.
Please email us your availability to ncnc@ncnepal.org. You can volunteer only within your available time and it does not need to be the entire day/shift.
For more information about The International Festival, visit: http://internationalfocusnc.org/festival or contact us at ncnc@ncnepal.org.