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NCNC New Year 2071
NCNC New Year 2071
NCNC New Year 2071
NCNC New Year 2071
NCNC New Year 2071
NCNC New Year 2071
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Dear Community Members:
Nepal Center of North Carolina (NCNC) would like to request submission of your articles for upcoming 14th yearly issue of SANGALO Magazine.
SANGALO is an annual publication of Nepal Center of North Carolina (NCNC) and is published and distributed free of charge to its life members. For your reference, previous versions of SANGALO can be found at our website www.ncnepal.org. You can write yourself or encourage your kids to write on any topics (General article, poems, essays, short stories, jokes, technological information, health, tradition, religion etc….).
Article submission deadline is August 1, 2014 and has to be submitted via email to ncnc@ncnepal.org or ncnc1999@yahoo.com or to any of the following publication committee members:
1. Bikram Gautam – Editor (bikramg@gmail.com)
2. Manoj Pradhan – Editor (mpradhan@gmail.com)
3. Shiva Sharma – Editor (shivasharma05@hotmail.com)
4. Krishna Karki – Editor (krishna1karki@gmail.com)
5. Lokendra Chand – Editor (lokendra_cnd@yahoo.com)
6. Dr. JR Joshi – Publication Committee Advisor (jrjoshi@yahoo.com)
7. Dr. Batu Sharma – Chief Editor (batusharma@gmail.com)

We also have provision for advertising local businesses in SANGALO, and details with the current advertisement rates and other advertisement and greeting options are available online at NCNC and SANGALO websites (SANGALO: http://sangaloncnc.wordpress.com or NCNC: www.ncnepal.org).
Click here for AD rates and other information.
Thanking you very much in advance for your contribution.
Batu Sharma
SANGALO coordinator


Update your Email Contacts:
Add ncnc@ncnepal.org to the list

Dear NCNC Members,
We have set up a new email system using our own domain name.
Currently, we are using new email address "ncnc@ncnepal.org" for email communication, so, please add this email address to your contact list.
Please check your junk or spam folder and "unjunk" or "unspam" the email received from the new address or simply add ncnc@ncnepal.org to your contact list.
* NOTE: We will be using both ncnc1999@yahoogroups.com and ncnc@ncnepal.org until all members in the current mailing list subscription is completed. Some of you will be receiving same email from two different addresses. If you are unable to receive emails from ncnc@ncnepal.org, please let us know.
Thank you!

Blood Drive: Donate Blood, Give Life

Dear community members,
As a part of NCNC's visibility in the community, we have organized a blood drive in co-ordination with Trader-Joe and Rex hospital.
Date & Time: August 16th from 1:00PM-5:00PM.
Lets make this a huge event with a slogan "Donate Blood Give Life".
Please sign-up online following the link below or send us your name and time of your availability.

Teej Celebration with TEEJ QUEEN
Ms.Sunita Dulal

Dear Community Members:
We are thrilled to announce that we are going to celebrate this year’s TEEJ with TEEJ QUEEN Ms.Sunita Dulal.
Please mark your calendar accordingly.
Date and Time: August 30th, 6:00 PM
Venue: HSNC Main Hall (Hindu Temple)
309 Aviation Parkway, Morrisville, NC 27560
Admission: $15 and VIP $25

Sunita Dulal Teej