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NCNC New Year 2071
NCNC New Year 2071
NCNC New Year 2071
NCNC New Year 2071
NCNC New Year 2071
NCNC New Year 2071
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Important Notice about NCNC Membership

Dear Community Members:
With the advent of the new year 2015, NCNC BOD has started planning for another year full of community activities and fulfilled entertainments. With all of yours great cooperation, we were able to organize so many activities for FREE to our respected NCNC members. We promise you to have even more such programs in the days to come.
In order to keep track of all our members to effectively plan the future activities, we have started to streamline our membership records. We had a significant gain of LIFE MEMBERS and Five Year members in 2014 and we wish to have this trend to continue in 2015 as well. As our annual membership runs from January to December, we encourage all the annual members to renew their membership at the earliest possible. If you plan to live in North Carolina for some time, we encourage you to obtain either the LIFE MEMBERSHIP or Five Year Membership.

For your convenience, the membership application form is available HERE
Please complete the membership form and hand it over to any BOD members at your earliest convenience. If it is more convenient to you, you can even mail the form with your payment to:

108 Marengo Drive
Morrisville, NC 27560
For your information, the current rates for NCNC membership is:
LIFE Member: $150
5 Year Member: $50
Annual Member: $15

Once again, we promise you to bring many programs with special appreciation to only NCNC members and we encourage all of you to obtain the NCNC membership at your earliest convenience.

Season's Greetings!

Dear Community Members:
On behalf of NCNC Board of Directors (BODs), I would like to wish you and your family a very Happy Holiday Season and New Year 2015!
Looking back, year 2014 has been a good year for NCNC community in many fronts. I thank you for your active involvement and your wholehearted support in NCNC activities (Nepali School, Nepali New Year, Adopt-A-Highway, International Festival, Deusi/Bhailo, Dashain Celebration, Teej Celebration, Movies and Shows, Blood Donation etc.)
I am personally grateful to the support and generosity our members have provided to NCNC. NCNC would not have been able to function successfully without direct or indirect support from members like you.
Looking forward, I hope you will be committed to provide NCNC your continuous support in year 2015 and beyond. One of the main action items NCNC has planned for 2015 is campaigning for Community Center Acquisition before the end of 2019.  Formation of “Community Center Acquiring Committee” is underway. The need to own a community center for our community was realized by current as well as former BODs of NCNC. To date, many other communities around the U.S. are working towards this goal. Realizing the importance of having our own community center, current NCNC BOD has made this a priority task for year 2015 and beyond. Having our own community center will provide us greatly needed venue for many events that help us in promoting Nepalese language and culture in the U.S.
Working towards this goal, NCNC has already allocated $5000 as “seed money” from the NCNC account.
Again, I wish you, your family, and friends very happy holiday season and HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015.
I am confident that you will actively support to the programs NCNC put forth in the future.

Thakur Karkee, Ph. D.

Fund Raising for NCNC Community Center

Dear Community Members:
NCNC is actively campaigning for acquiring Community Center within 5 years from now. It is time to donate with open heart whatever amount you can to NCNC Community Center campaign. No amount is less for this cause.
As you know, NCNC is a 501c(3) organization and you can write-off the amount in your tax filing.
Please specify "For Community Center" in your check.
Your generous support for this cause will be highly appreciated.
For more information, contact one of the NCNC executive committee members or send email to ncnc@ncnepal.org

Thank you!

Nepali New Year 2072 Celebration

Dear Community Members,
Please mark your calendar for New Year 2072 celebration with Live Dance and DJ!
Venue: Fred G. Bond Metro Park Senior Center - 801 High House Rd., Cary, NC 27513
Date & Time: Sunday, April 12th, 2015 - 5 to 9:30 PMPlease send your performance (dance/song/acting/muktak, etc.) to Mrs. Sujata Dhungel @ sujatadh@hotmail.com by March 31st, 2015.
This year we are planning to serve catered meal.

Tickets are available to advance purchase. We encourage you to purchase ticket in advance so that we can plan accordingly.
• Adult per person $12 (NCNC member)
• Adult per person $15 (Non-Member)
• Children 6-13 years old $7
• Ticket bought at the door will cost $13 per adult with no discount.
• Please contact any of the following BOD members for advance ticket purchase.

Dil Bhattarai: 919-995-4207 dilmka1@gmail.com
Deepa Dawadi: 919-561-3964 dpadawadi@hotmail.com
Shreekant Adhikari: 347-926-9907 srikantadhikari@yahoo.com
Balkrishna Upadhya: 919-397-5491 krishnacary@gmail.com
Sujata Dhungel: 402-312-5864 sujatadh@hotmail.com
Batu Sharma: 919-780-8999 batusharma@gmail.com
Tika Adhikari: 701-540-2173 tadhikari31@yahoo.com
Rabindra Karki: 919-539-9954 karkirabin@hotmail.com
Thakur Karkee: 919-535-5509 tkarki_n@yahoo.com

The main attractions include:
1. Fun filled evening program: We would like to celebrate this New year as a multicultural event. If you wanted to represent your cultural heritage (newari, bhojpuri, sakela, deauda, dohori, ghatu, rodhi, etc) please submit your performance to Mrs. Sujata Dhungel as quickly as possible.
2. DJ: We will present atleast one-hour DJ with latest Nepali songs. Be ready to show your best moves.
3. Arts Exhibition: We are requesting children from elementary to high school to submit their original arts. We will provide the theme soon. Your arts will be displayed in our New Year 2072 event and will have attractive prizes.
Stay tuned for further details.

Machine Readable Passport

Dear Community Members:
You must have already heard that effective November 24, 2015, nobody can use hand-written passport. Everyone needs to get Machine Readable Passport (MRP) before November 24, 2015. The details of the application procedure and required documentation is provided in the Nepal Embassy website at the following link:


In summary, you need to mail the following documents to:
Embassy of Nepal • 2131 Leroy Place NW • Washington • DC 20008

Everyone needs to fill in two copies of the application forms using the form with the specified paper size (Available from NCNC)
• Original passport and 2 copies of all the pages
• Original Nepali Citizenship Certificate and 2 copies (Both sides on a single page)
• 3 copies of color passport photo (2 x 2)
• $150 in money order payable to “ Embassy of Nepal, Washington DC”

As everyone needs to use the application from sent by the embassy, we have coordinated with Nepal Embassy and obtained the forms in bulk. As a token of service to our community members, we will provide the forms and necessary help to complete the application process.

If anyone needs application forms or any additional helps, please contact NCNC at ncnc@ncnepal.org or Dr. Thakur Karkee (tkarki_n@yahoo.com; Tel: 919 710 1053) and Dr. Batu Sharma (batusharma@gmail.com; 919 780 8999.

We encourage everyone to start the application on time so that there won’t be any last minute rush. We hope that this small token of service will be beneficial for everyone who needs to get the MRP.

SANGALO 2014 Available Online

Click Here to View SANGALO 2014 on PDF format Sangalo 2014