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MAHA Jatra: Thank You!

Dear Community Members:
NCNC BODs would like to thank and appreciate your attendance in the MAHA Jatra show. The BOD would also like to thank MAHA team for accepting our request and entertaining our audiences who were laughing "PET MICHI MICHI & ANKHA BATA ANSU JHARI JHARI". Thank you. An estimate of over 300 members attended the show.
The show served two purposes of NCNC: 1) Maintain its mission of preserving Nepali languages and cultures, and 2) Raise some fund.
We would like to thank all the volunteers who sold tickets, tirelessly fixed and stacked chairs, and managed show goers. Thank you for showing the true volunteerism. Special thanks go to Mr. Bhimsen Basnet (Past BOD member), Mr. Ishwar Devkota (Past President), Mr. Manoj Pradhan (Past Vice president), Mr. Ashish Hada, and Mr. Aman Tandukar for their initiation, planning, and management to bring the MAHA team to town. As always, the special thanks goes to all our youth volunteers for orchestrating the show from all the angles. We would also like to thank HSNC for providing the hall in a very nominal price. It’s an example of true partnership between the local organizations and we will have many more to come in the future.
Last but not the least, we would like to thank Mr. Sujan Neupane and Mrs. Parita Neupane for volunteering in food preparation and serving and raising some money for NCNC.
Thank you very much everyone!

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Dear NCNC Members,
We have set up a new email system using our own domain name.
Currently, we are using new email address "ncnc@ncnepal.org" for email communication, so, please add this email address to your contact list.
Please check your junk or spam folder and "unjunk" or "unspam" the email received from the new address or simply add ncnc@ncnepal.org to your contact list.
* NOTE: We will be using both ncnc1999@yahoogroups.com and ncnc@ncnepal.org until all members in the current mailing list subscription is completed. Some of you will be receiving same email from two different addresses. If you are unable to receive emails from ncnc@ncnepal.org, please let us know.
Thank you!

NCNC's Successful Participation in International Festival 2014

Dear Community Members:
As all of you know, NCNC participated in four activities during the International Festival (Sidewalk café, Bazzar, Cultural booth, and Main Stage performance). We are very pleased to announce that our participation was very successful. Three groups (Adult, Teen, and Children) participated in the main stage and a lots of people enjoyed our performance and provided very positive feedback. It showcased our culture/tradition to thousands of people from around the world which directly aligned to NCNC’s mission of promoting and preserving our culture and tradition.

Cultural booth was visited by thousands of people. This year’s theme was natural wonders and a lot of young visitors got stamp in their passports and learned about Nepal and its wonders. Also, we had asked questions about Nepal during the visit and those who answered correctly were rewarded with a coupon to get discounts at Sidewalk café . As always, Nepali Bazzar was able to attract many visitors as well.

Side walk café was the big hit. We saw people holding MOMO and LASSSI in their hands everywhere in the convention center. We raised a good amount of funds from the event that will help us to run several activities all around the year. Our sincere thanks goes to all the volunteers who tirelessly worked round the clock to make this event successful. Without your selfless help and contribution this event would not have been possible at all. Thank you very much.

Thakur Karkee, PhD
Nepal Center of North Carolina (NCNC)